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Vaya Con Dios - Shades Of Joy (Blue Vinyl) (LP)

Vaya Con Dios - Shades Of Joy (Blue Vinyl) (LP)

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CNR Records Belgium are truly proud to present to you: the brand new album 'SHADES OF JOY' by international stars VAYA CON DIOS, their first in almost 2 decades.
It all began when leading lady Dani Klein was stuck in Brussels during the pandemic lockdown. Not being able to go to her home in Andalucia, she decided to make the best out of a bad situation. Together with Thierry (Plas) and François (Garny), the three started working together on a daily basis at Thierry’s Zoo Studios. New songs, inspired and forced by the circumstances.
Once the arrangements ideas were completed – and the lockdown was history - musicians came in to play the parts. Sometimes asking them to improvise as well. And after a little more than two years the album was finished.
'SHADES OF JOY' is a vintage Vaya Con Dios record. The album will be released worldwide.
Together with the CD, we also release this record on vinyl. BLUE vinyl to be more specific. And with an 8-page booklet with beautiful photos of the band. Vaya Con Dios is back, and back to stay!


Artiest: Vaya Con Dios
Titel: Shades Of Joy (Blue Vinyl)
Format: Vinyl LP
Release: 17-11-2023
Genre: Pop

Barcode: 5411530833504

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Gratis verzending vanaf € 60 in België
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