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Various - La Bush 30 Years - 4CD (CD)

Various - La Bush 30 Years - 4CD (CD)

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La Bush (Temple of House), the Mother of all Clubs, is celebrating its 30th anniversary (1994 - 2024). We are delighted and honoured to announce the simultaneous release of a 4CD Digipack (36 Tracks) - compiled by Mr Sam.

All tracks on the album feature their original full-length versions, exclusively remastered for this release. This unique compilation is not only a selection of the best tracks that defined La Bush as a legendary club with a distinctive sound but also serves as an ode and tribute to the golden era of Trance and progressive music in the late '90s and early 2000s - the renowned Golden Age!

On this album, you'll find contributions from iconic artists who left an indelible mark on history, including Sasha, Laurent Garnier, Luke Slater, Yello, Nalin & Kane, Delerium, Solarstone, BT, Oliver Lieb, WestBam, Jens Lissat, and Mr Sam, among others. Listening to the CD album is like watching a film: CD 1 (AFTER-HOURS HEAVEN) showcases the best vocal and melodic tracks that made La Bush's After Hours legendary. CD 2 (PROGRESSIVE GOLDEN AGE) focuses on the timeless gems of the golden age of progressive music. CD 3 (RHYTHM CLIMAX) transports you into the heart of a typical night at La Bush, where intensity is at its peak. CD 4 (TIMELESS ANTHEMS) concludes the journey by bringing together the greatest anthems that originated at La Bush, defining its incomparable atmosphere.

1 Victor Imbres - Heaven
2 Alice Deejay - Celebrate Our Love (Solid Sessions Remix)
3 Andain - Beautiful Things (Gabriel & Dresden Unplugged Mix)
4 BT - Mercury & Solace (BT 12" Mastermix)
5 Young Parisians - U Write The Rules (Solarstone Remix)
6 Brain TV - H.Y.E.
7 Loop Control - Reflections
8 Innertales - Odyssee
9 Red Screen - Friday Sickness

1 Sasha - Belfunk
2 POB & Taylor - Today (Seismic Remix)
3 Reza - Solitude (Jondi & Spesh Remix)
4 JSJ - Deep Love 9 (JSJ's 11.5 Mix)
5 Voidd - Civilised
6 Z2 - I Want You (Vocal Mix)
7 L.S.G. - Fontana (Processed Mix)
8 Mike Koglin - The Silence (Matt Darey Tekara Mix)

1 Steve Bug - Loverboy
2 Corvin Dalek - Pounds & Penz (Alex Flatner's Deutsche Mark Remix)
3 Afrika Bambaataa & WestBam present I.F.O. - Agharta - The City Of Shamballa (Dr. Rhythm's Higher State Of Trommelwirbel)
4 Madrid Inc - My Sunday's Love
5 Mike Mayo - Evolution (The Industrial Rhythm Dub)
6 Zombie Nation - Kernkraft 400 (DJ Gius Remix)
7 Stephen Brown - My Drums
8 Halogen - Habituate
9 Mac Zimms - L'Annonce Des Couleurs
10 Velvet Girl - Summertime
11 Ricky Le Roy - Tuareg (Oasi Mix)

1 Lissat & Brain - 2 Full Moons & A Trout (Long Version)
2 Yello - On Track (Doug Laurent's First Journey Dub)
3 Lotus - Within Or Without You (Mr Sam's Travel To New York Remix)
4 Yellow Screen - Out Of Time
5 Laurent Garnier - The Man With The Red Face (Jan Driver Long Distance Mix)
6 Luke Slater - Love (Loved)
7 Delerium feat. Sarah McLachlan - Silence (Fade's Sanctuary Mix)
8 Nalin & Kane - Open Your Eyes (El Barco Para Es Vedra Mix).


Artiest: Various
Titel: La Bush 30 Years - 4CD
Format: CD
Release: 15-03-2024
Genre: Dance

Barcode: 5414166675081

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