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Portland - Departures (Pink Vinyl) (LP)

Portland - Departures (Pink Vinyl) (LP)

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Portland is the magical & musical bond between Jente Pironet en Sarah Pepels. The two shared the same student house while studying at the PXL Music School in Hasselt and more so, they shared the same love of music with a specific soft spot for the work of Elliot Smith. Portland, a nod to the home of the late singer-songwriter, came to life. From the start it was clear the chemistry between Jente and Sarah was palpable. Their voices blending and complementing each other as a perfectly mixed gin & tonic. Tangy yet soothing, addictive and intoxicating.
Portland took part in and won several local talent competitions before singing to [PIAS] In 2018. Their debut album ‘Your Colours Will Stain’ was released in 2019 to much critical and commercial acclaim. Peaking at #6 in the Belgian album charts, the melancholic and dreamy pop sound displayed on singles as ‘Killer’s Mind’, ‘Ally Ally’ and ‘You Misread Me’ lead the band onto the stages of Rock Werchter, Pukkelpop, The Great Escape and several festivals and clubs in the Benelux and France.
In January 2022 the band relocated to the U.K. to record their follow album together with producer Oliver Bayston (Boxed In). On ‘Departures’ Jente and Sarah are blossoming as performers and songwriters. The songs are more to the point yet the melodies and arrangements more intricate. Casting aside the need to show their vocal range or tricks on every song, the pair let the songs be their own guide, finding the perfect tone and harmony to complement the melodies and rhythms. It’s moving, dreamlike, infectious and beautiful music caught in 12 songs that clearly define the sound of Portland.


Artiest: Portland
Titel: Departures (Pink Vinyl)
Format: Vinyl LP
Release: 17-03-2023
Genre: Pop

Barcode: 5400863097073

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