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Various - Bonzai Power Vinyl 1 (Indie Only Red Vinyl / 2X7") (SV)

Various - Bonzai Power Vinyl 1 (Indie Only Red Vinyl / 2X7") (SV)

€ 21,95

Voorraad: 3

Artiest: Various
Titel: Bonzai Power Vinyl 1 (Indie Only Red Vinyl / 2X7") - Was eigenlijk voorzien voor Record Store Day 2020!

We’ve dug into the archive and decided to bring you Bonzai Power Vinyl 1 on 2 x 7” records containing four classic cuts that put the hardcore rave sound on the map. DJ Bountyhunter’s Demilitarized Zone first appeared on Power Vinyl and was an exclusive at the time. Featuring thumping beats and sweeping hoover sounds, the main melody and the vocals were inspired by the popular TV show, The Twilight Zone. Up next we will have the superb Reality from Phrenetic System aka Peter Schiettekatte and Frederico Santini. Hailed as one of the very best in our back catalogue, Reality hit hard and true, sending clubbers into a frenzy. A gentle melodic note opens the track before a robotic voice comes through. Powerful beats take over as gritty synths and basses rock the speakers. Karim Boux and Roel Reynders’ project, Belgica Wave, gave us The Wave which caused quite a stir upon release. The track opens with a Gregorian style vox with a crowd ready for action. After a short prayer, the hoovers start and the track lifts off, catapulting us into the stratosphere. Peter and Frederico’s Final Analyzis - El Punto Final (Petrofinal Mix) rounds up this fantastic four track EP. With a soft melodic opening sequence, the track soon brings forth the hardcore vibe as scathing, erratic rave synths weave intricate patterns to the backdrop of that now famous vocal. These four tracks are the epitome of the sound of the time and now you can savour the moments on fresh new vinyl.

Releasedatum: 05/06/2020

Genre: Dance

Format: SV

Barcode: 5413647892610

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Gratis verzending vanaf € 35 in België
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