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Various - Age Of Love 15 Years Anniversary Vinyl 2/3 - 2x12" (LP)

Various - Age Of Love 15 Years Anniversary Vinyl 2/3 - 2x12" (LP)

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A1. Microwave Prince - Eternal Light
A2. Dave Kane - Zero Plus (DJ Wout Remix)
B1. Delerium feat. Leigh Nash - Innocente (Mr. Sam's The Space Between Us Remix)
B2. Mark N-R-G - Don't Stop

C1. Taucher - Miracle (Phase II-Mix)
C2. S'N'S - Conflicts
D1. Awa - Together We Can Learn
D2. L.S.G. - Lonely Casseopaya

On the second sampler the first gem on the A side is undoubtedly one of the greatest pearls and trance compositions of the 90's, released on the prestigious German label that all current techno producers revere: Le Petit Prince. Microwave Prince 'Eternal Light' was, upon its release in 1995, already an extremely difficult record to find. 28 years later, this has not changed in the slightest. Closing the A side we have the essential DJ Wout remix of Dave Kane's 'Zero Plus', an enormous hit in the early 00's in clubs like La Bush, La Rocca, etc.

The B side brings us the legendary Delerium 'Innocente', reinterpreted by Mr Sam in his iconic and now timeless 'The Space Between Us Remix' and the German techno gem 'Don't Stop' by Mark N-R-G.

The C Side features 'Miracle', one of the most beautiful trance records ever made coming straight from Germany in the person of Taucher, undoubtedly one of the best producers of his generation. With S'N'S 'Conflicts' the C side brings us another true genius, a future prodigy of progressive and melodic house at the time of this release: Sander Kleinenberg. An emblematic record at Extreme on Mondays if there ever was one.

The D Side is taken up by two tracks that take us even deeper into the essences of trance music with the enigmatic track 'Together We Can Learn' by Awa. This mid 90's English trance gem was already a collector's item upon its release, so it's our privilege to have it on this sampler in 2023. As is the case with the second track 'Lonely Casseopaya' by L.S.G., composed by one of the true pioneers of trance: Oliver Lieb. This record is a treat for those who listen to it closely and feel the classic 'after' vibe of our golden age of Belgian clubbing.


Artiest: Various
Titel: Age Of Love 15 Years Anniversary Vinyl 2/3 - 2x12"
Format: Vinyl LP
Release: 27-10-2023
Genre: Dance

Barcode: 5414166670154

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