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Push Presents Retro / Active - Blacked Out (Bonzai) (MV)

Push Presents Retro / Active - Blacked Out (Bonzai) (MV)

€ 22,80

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12" vinyl. Early support from Charlotte De Witte! Push presents Retro Active heads up our next vinyl release with the four-track techno monster, Blacked Out.

A1. Blacked Out (Extended Mix) 06’48"
A2. Dusk Till Darkness (Extended Mix) 05’01"
B1. Hands Alert (Extended Mix) 05’20"
B2. Dark Motion (Extended Mix) 05’20"


Push presents Retro Active heads up our next vinyl release with the four-track techno monster, Blacked Out. The main man is relentless in his pursuits, churning out top-notch grooves, sending the crowds into a frenzy. Mostly known for his trancey exploits, Push is no stranger to techno, some of his very first releases were full blown techno efforts before he branched out to other genres. Retro Active focusses on all things big and bold in the techno arena, with a classic twist. Always a pleasure having his on Bonzai.

First up in the A1 slot, Blacked Out intros with a monstrous, pounding kick drum and slicing hi hat combo. An underlying bass rumbles through the groove as techy, rave synth stabs and infectious rising sirens come through. The track breaks to reveal a subtle 303 line which transforms into a gnarly acid riff, ushering in a massive climax that will dominate the floors no doubt. A2 hosts the equally full-on Dusk Till Darkness, which delivers a mesmerizing experience. The bass drum, with its trailing bass tones is powerful and forces you to move as rhythmic elements fade in. An almost industrial level is reached with metallic sounds dominating, making this a must have for the big arenas. On the flip, in B1 we have, Hands Alert which sets the tone with another huge kick drum and bright hi hat combination. A solid, rhythmic track, thanks to an array of perfectly arrangement percussions and drums, the groove soon bursts into a climactic rave goliath. Classic sounds litter the sound as retro 303 lines converge to create a chugging groove. An absolute stomper that is not to be missed. In B2, Dark Motion closes out the 12” with an all-encompassing banger of a tune. Heavy duty kick drums power the track as stuttering hats cut through the murk. A dark, sinister vibe emerges as gnarly pads fade in alongside frantic arpeggios. A scathing 303 line erupts on the break before the drums kick back in for the final act, sending the dancefloor into a frenzy. Top-notch stuff.


Artiest: Push Presents Retro
Titel: Blacked Out (Bonzai)
Format: Vinyl Maxi-Single
Release: 09-09-2022
Genre: Techno

Barcode: 5413647995717

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